Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Pretty pussy...great chair find

This photo was taken this afternoon when I caught my cat Ella enjoying a sunny spot on our new chair. I say new chair but I'm sure it is quite old...I'm guessing circa 1920?? I was very happy to find this one sitting out front of a little second hand shop not too far from were we live. The store owner was more than happy to strike a deal and I was able to walk away with an absolute bargin. I have been contemplating sanding it back and re painting, but now I'm not so sure...not wanting to have it looking too slick. It is at present taking pride of place near our front door and the house is looking all the more homely for it. We seem to be going through a weird period of accumulating many chairs in our life. Our house is tiny and we can't fit anymore chairs inside so naturally we have moved onto garden furniture.
It is good to see the end of our table fetish!!

Friday, 11 July 2008

crazy holiday binoculars

Day 4 of the school holidays and things were starting to get a little bit samey until my 5yr old Max found an empty box and requested that I should make it into a hat. I suggested binoculars and the rest is history. The result was one very happy boy with a long lasting dent in his nose.

Retail therapy...recent purchases

Wow, an interior shot of our house. I had to go in tight so you wouldn't see the piles of crapola laying around everywhere. During the long weekend in June we went on a little family drive to relieve the cabin fever and came across a couple of great second hand shops. We bought these very spunky West German pottery vases (oh so very now) and this crazy Italian lamp base with shade. Talk about an extreme make over for our little sideboard. The orchids are from my Mum's garden...nice touch.

Labels on frocks

Yep, more about the labels. Here is how they look stitched onto my sean-the-prawn shifts.
These ones belong to my daughter Eliza and have been through the wash a few times and are still looking mighty fine...aging beautifully...wish I could say the same for me!!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

My very own label...not blurry in real life.

I have been meaning to post a photo of the "sean-the-prawn" woven label for some time now.

I'm having a bit of a blurry time photographing the little blighters. Hope this gives you some kind of an idea of what to look out for in the shops. (one only at the moment). Yep that's right sean-the-prawn is available in a real life shop...and they are selling, which makes me a very happy little sew and so.

Long time no hear!!

It has been a very long time since my last post...I guess you noticed!?

Life is pretty action packed these days!!

The kiddies have been keeping me very busy. My 16mth old daughter is now walking and taking much joy in pulling everything out of the cupboards and drawers. It has been 4yrs since I went through this fun stage with my son...boy how time erases these fun memories.

The photo above is a little snap shot of my little laundry shelf. These great 1960's canisters once lived in my kitchen but they look so much spunkier in the laundry.