Saturday, 12 April 2014

Back in the saddle

I have been enjoying putting in some time back at the sewing machine recently. Many hours I would go down to my studio space & pull out fabrics one after the other, mixing & matching colours & prints. So many ideas, so many potential projects, but no actual sewing up.
I've come to realise that I work in bursts, the original 'all or nothing girl' am I. 
I'm loving the results of my latest burst of creativity.
Beautiful cushions with appliquéd cockatoo & parakeet images on a zig zaggy background. 
I have also been whipping up some pretty girls skirts with a contrast yellow linen trimmed hem. I love these prints.
Striking geometric print.
Pretty print of tree swings. I've been holding on to this print for a while now & just love how it looks made up in this skirt
I'd love to know what you have been making of late.