Monday, 23 May 2011

Kanga dress

Oh how I love this little kanga dress, I made it for a gorgeous young lady (five years old to be precise). Her mother who is a good friend of ours called me one night saying that she had a photographer from Dwell (american mag) coming to do a photo shoot of their Sydney home in a couple of days & she would love to have her daughter wearing a sean-the-prawn dress/something quite Aussie looking. Mmm, this sent me into quite a frenzy as I only had a few hours available the next day to scrape a couple of things together to meet the express post in time. I grabbed a dress from Moochinside that I had already made from a teatowel with a bright print of Tasmanian wildflowers, but what if she didn't like it?? I thought she needed another choice so I looked through my aussie stash & found an adorable old kangaroo teatowel from Lightning Ridge. I spliced the tea towel with a yummy chocolate brown linen & chopped out a few extra kangarooy bits to use in the future for some cushions, & bob's your uncle a little cute kanga dress was made just in time for the express post.

Melbourne here we come

Hooray,Hooray, sean-the-prawn is making it's way to Melbourne. After chatting to the super nice Madeleine of DoReMe & maybe twisting her arm just a tiny bit she has agreed to start stocking sean-the-prawn goodies in her beautiful Melbourne shop. I'm over the moon to have a Melbourne stockist as I was down there about a month ago for a long weekend while my husband was involved with the National Architecture Conference. I had such a fab time wandering around Fitzroy & Collingwood & eating in amazing restaurants in the city. So many great little shops & a general love of craftiness all round. Can't wait until I can visit again. Pretty upcycled vintage floral & Aussie cushions waiting to be finished off.

Sweet purpley pink patch worked cot quilt/throw waiting on the ironing board while I choose from my stash of backing fabrics.Quilts & cushions will be bagged & tagged & making their way to DoReMe towards the end of this week. I do hope you Melbourne folk enjoy my work.

I love my neglected garden

I love my garden, my poor neglected unruly garden that is growing wilder by the day. At the present it is giving the most beautiful David Austin roses with the sweetest peachy scent. I have citrus trees laden with oranges, limes, mandarins & lemons almost ready to harvest, yum. It gives me so much pleasure to sit & watch my four fluffy bottomed hens scratch around under these trees looking for tasty wormy treats.
Poor neglected garden, I used to give you so much of my time, tending you obsessively, but now the sewing machine has stolen me away from you once again. I'll be back, I haven't forgotten you, loyal friend. Thanks for the roses.