Saturday, 15 December 2012

Busy time of year

Life is so busy for us in the lead up to Christmas this year. Although the poor old veg patch is getting neglected it doesn't seem to mind. I still managed to pick some little tomatoes, lettuce & there are oodles of bush beans coming on. Yay for low maintenance gardening.
The Christmas Tree is up & decorated entirely by the kids. I've given up trying to control how it will look each year as I'm enjoying seeing their happy little faces when they load it up with decorations they have made at home & school along with ones we have accumulated over the years. It is fun trying to remember who gave them to us & when they came into our home.
Every year I make a panaforte for the Festive Season and this year is no exception, chocolate, coconut, sultanas, dates, walnuts, almonds & macadamia nuts along with brandy & apricot jam all go into the mix.
Yum we cherish each little piece nibbled on.
I would love to hear of your customs this time of year.