Tuesday, 15 February 2011

big girls bed & pina4

Today I made a pinafore for my almost four year old daughter..so I'm calling it her pina4. I can hear you all groaning about that one, yeah my sense of humour is a little on the cornball side of things. I think she will love her little dress...what a surprise when she gets home from Preschool.

This is my daughter's first ever big girls bed. Poor little poppet only just got out of her cot, she'll be four next month. She loves her bed & has only fallen out once, but kept sleeping right through the ordeal...now that's a skill I wish I had. Mind you it has been quite a while since I fell out of bed. Aahhh that takes me back! Went a bit artsy again with my photo finish, the room is actually nice & bright with colourfull curtains that I patchworked myself out of lovely yellows & green prints.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Australian flora & fauna cushions

I've been making cushions which have centre panels featuring Australian native birds & plants, as you have probably seen in past blog posts of mine.
While I was uploading this I realised that the cushion on the right has an illustration of a Red Flowering Eucalypt Gum, this is the same plant as the one I have photographed them with... a total coincidence...freaky! There are brightly coloured parrot type birds named Rainbow Lorrikeets that often visit that tree to feed on the flowers, these birds are not so dissimilar to the on on the cushion...I'll have to try to photograph one for you.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

view from my end

Hi this morning I have been having fun with the Instagram App on my phone. I love it, it gives great art finishes to your snaps. Instant retrofication (word?). I thought it might be interesting for you to see what it looks like from where I sit/ stand..looking through my eyes.
Photo above is the view from my living room couch.
This is the view from my front door..yep that's the door handle on the left. I've used the Lord Kelvin setting on Instagram to get this aged look to the photos.. the reality is much more colourful & not such a warm toned world.... do like the reality best, especially on a day like today when we are expecting temps to rise to 40 celcius. I'll just have to keep thinking cool thoughts.... if that fails the beach is only a few minutes away.