Monday, 21 December 2009

Happy Face Comforter

Front view
Back view

I have just completed a small run of these little pillows with carry straps. I thought toddlers might like to drag them around where ever they go. A teddy bear or bunny rug substitute. I embroidered smiling faces on the backs of them to give them their own cheery little personalities. They are made out of a yummy natural coloured linen and sweet little japanese crafty prints. The one pictured is one of my favoutites....little red riding hood with green embroidery. My fab local gift shop Mooch Inside currently has five in stock,all different prints with various embroidery colours.
A Very Merry Christmas to All !!
Wishing you happy times how every you choose to celebrate the day.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Blue Hat ...First Hat

Back view
Here is the blue floral hat that I made. This was pretty much my prototype for all hats made from then is a bit dark and doesn't really do it justice, for it is a gorgeous blue. Got to love an old tea towel find, pristine condition must have been stored away in some old biddies nappery drawer.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Old Hat...New Hat

Back View Sun Hat.
Side Front View showing reverse fabric.

I'm so excited about these little sun hats that I have been making. They are fully reversible and I took the pattern off a little 1960's number which I'm assuming had been designed originally with bit of a 1920's cloche hat as inspiration. Oh how fashion just keeps reworking the old & making it new! This is second hat to come off my home production line and it is made from a piece of fabric that I've been hording for 27 years which originally belonged to my beautiful Grandma Lilly. I was forever dragging bags of her fabric scraps home with me much to my parent's horror throughout my childhood.
Hat Number One which I will upload a photo of soon is a pretty blue floral made from a gorgeous unused teatowel that I Op shopped titled Flowers Of New Zealand...Kitsch yet Klassy(with a K).
Will fit smallish headed adult...biggish headed kiddies. Currently working on alternate sizes.

Both Hats are currently retailing at Mooch Inside at Killcare.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

New Summer Style

This is my new style for sean-the-prawn Summer 2009. Each dress is made from recycled a past life the dress photographed was once a pretty pillowcase. My two and a half year old daughter loves her dress so much it is always a struggle to get her to part with it. I can't wait to see all the others is fun playing with different fabric combinations.

Latest Custom Quilt

I have recently made a little girls cot quilt. It was a custom order for a little bubby yet to arrive on this earth. All the best to Mummy Melissa and Bub for a safe and speedy delivery.
The photo shows the quilt hanging over my daughter's wardrobe, next to which hag a couple of sweet framed prints that used to be in my bedroom when I was a wee lass. Ahhh memories.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Little Boy Bub Quilt

Lately I've been working on a cot sized quilt for a little first boys one. Also my first custom order quilt. The fabrics used in this one are nearly all latest release Japanese childrens prints although the beautiful blue birds are an original screen printed design by Cicada Studio from the USA. I have hand stitched though all layers of the quilt with a fab Japanese embrodery thread (I'm a little obsessed with this thread at the mo.)
Also, I would like to clarify that it is my husband's very attractive big toe, not mine featuring so prominently in the top photo..eyes off ladies!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Reversible Bolero Jacket

I have recently been creating these little reversible bolero jackets. Each jacket come with a little brooch that can be removed and placed on the reverse side.
This one is made from a pretty vintage cotton floral trimmed with white braid on one side and cute little apple print on the other.
The size is 2-3years.
Available on my etsy shop as we speak.
Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Kiddies Kot Kwilts

I have just completed a couple of cot sized quilts for my sean-the-prawn label. Just simple squares of vintage recycled fabrics that I have decorated with various coloured topstitching in embroidery thread. I then quilted around each square. Margie @ MoochInside has been kind enough to display them in her gorgeous shop ....I hope they sell!!

Friday, 19 June 2009

wall hanging...not sure about it

I recently dusted off my old screen printing/textile design talents....I'll let you be the judge of the results. I designed this little trippy panda print, inspired by wall paper from my 1970's childhood bedroom. The print is in red on a stoney coloured background, and I have backed it and created a border around it with a fab old vintage fabric. Then I just couldn't help myself from sewing lots of my Granny's old buttons all over it. What do you think?? I think it looks cute in my daughter's room but would any one want to buy it?? Are wall hangings cool or not?

Monday, 2 March 2009

3rd birthday dress for Ava

Back view

Front view of a sweet little pini dress that I whipped up last week for my friend's beautiful 3 yr old daughter's birthday. It is made from a great piece of pale vintage 1970's denim (quite slubby) and some groovy Japanese kids prints.