Friday, 24 September 2010

Kia Ora & Bonjour

I have been in a cushion making frenzy lately & I must say that I'm absolutely loving making them. I went out & bought a stack of different sized inserts a week ago & since then I've been unstoppable. It is fun cutting up little snippets of my ever increasing stash of vintage florals & even more fun playing around with the different combinations. These little mummas have already gone to join Big Blue at Moochinside.
Kia Ora Kiwis...yep believe it or not, a New Zealand frock Bros. This little dress would be great on a 10 -12yr old, although it could possibly be worn by a teenager or as a top for a foxy mumma . I realise there is a bit of Mumma talk going on this post..must be the day for it.
Upcycled from a vintage tablecloth of the tourista kind..I thought this was kind of fun & summery...I also see it as homage to my beautiful Grandma Lily, an ever proud Kiwi who used get up & do the Hakka before watching televised football games.
Dress now retailing at Moochinside along with recent cushion extravaganzas.
School holidays start today eeeek...Not off to a good start with both kids with gastric almost recovered & the other in full throttle..gloves, antibacterial wipes loads of disinfectant..washing machine working overtime. Fingers crossed we'll be out of the danger zone within 24hrs.
Have a great fun filled weekend & enjoy School Holidays New South Welsh folk.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

big blue

Hey, I have just added cushions to the sean-the-prawn repertoire & I'm loving the result.
The one pictured is a large size approx 60cm x 60cm, made from all upcycled vintage cottons & lace. On the front a gorgeous vintage hand embroidered doily..not I can not claim to have done that handiwork. Anyway it is tagged & at the lovely Mooch Inside waiting to be loved & taken to a good home.

Monday, 13 September 2010

weekend treasures

My latest pride & joy...I couldn't resist buying this gorgeous old shopping trolley at Saturday's French Market. I have always thought that these are super cool & wonderfully practical, a common site when I was a child. Grannies could be seen everywhere dragging these around town on their weekly shopping days. I will probably store my vintage fabrics in day I may even be brave enough to leave the house with it.
I found these fab aprons in a local Charity shop last Friday. Great bright 60's florals made by someone's Nana no could have even been mine.

Here are some more of the wonderful goodies purchased at the local annual French Market on Saturday.( Although it has a moderately French atmosphere, the organiser is named Marion French, it is located at her quaint little farmhouse & surrounding gardens). Lovely vintage tablecloths, braids, Sylko threads & British made fasteners.
I had such a fun time...maybe spent a little too much money