Thursday, 19 January 2012

Another one just like the other one...sorta

I'm loving these psychedelic beach cover ups in terry towelling & pompoms. Makes me want to dance around to the Monkees & dream of being a kid in one of those great 1970's TV shows like Sigmund the Seamonster, HR Puffnstuff, Banana Splits, Brady Bunch & the list goes on
or should I say "& The Beat Goes On" Sonny & Cher style.
Guess you could say I'm inspired.
Are you feeling inspired in what you do?
Photo was taken at night with a flash please excuse the grainyness.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Terry & Pompoms

I have been wanting to make these beach cover ups for quite some time now. Carrying around the vision in my head for a good 18 months or more. When the Pompoms arrived by express post today I no longer had any excuses. This one is a prototype with other colours & prints yet to come.
6pm tonight I bundled the family into the car & we drove a couple of minutes to the National Park for a swim in the pristine ocean. A great way to wind up a hot & sticky, busy day.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Tomatoes & beach bags

I've been loving the tomatoes growing in our garden. I have to pick them when they have the slightest blush of orange to them & ripen them in the fruit bowl in my kitchen so that the fruit fly don't get to them. Although not vine ripened they are still so sweet to eat.
I had a custom order placed for a beach bag similar to a tiny little bag I had made earlier last year featuring Red Riding Hood print & gorgeous tomatoey red flowers screen printed by Prints Charming.
I'm so happy with the result, it was hard to part with it.