Saturday, 20 August 2011

Seen in Green

Front cover of the Green Magazine in which sean-the-prawn cushions & quilt feature in an article about one of my Husband's home renovations. The house is only a few streets away from where we live & my Hubby designed a beautifully relaxed modern extension at the rear of the quaint coastal old weatherboard cottage. A good friend of our's & an extremely talented photographer Brigid Arnott lovingly styled & photographed the project. The mag has been hanging about in the shops for almost a couple of months & I've only just managed to post about it. Life seems busy, busy,busy of late & blogging has been sidelined for other activities, but that is about to change. So many things I want to share with you lovely lot. Hello.... is anyone still out there?

Large cushion on bed of main bedroom.

Australia cushion & quilt as throw on bed in one of the girl's bedrooms.

Wildflower cushion on cane chair in the other girl's bedroom.

Wildflower & Australian map cushions in living room of the weekender. I love all the doors in various shades of green in the background that open up the living space like gills of a giant fish.

Can you open your home up to let the outside in? I'm forever opening up windows to feel the breeze. I guess some people like dark & cosy, I don't I love loads of sunlight & fresh air.