Thursday, 28 February 2013

Feathering my nest

I've been boiling up organic beetroots with vinegar, salt & sugar & they taste real good.
I love these little paster men's faces that decorate a recycled brick wall at my local cafe. My neighbour also has one of these teeny menfolk at her back door. I've become quite fascinated by them & googled away to find out they are collected by many folk & were manufactured by an English company named Bossons & there is quite an extensive range of characters to this set.
We are so close to finishing our house renovation & have moved into our new bedroom which is an awesome thing. So now I have an excuse to buy some homey thingy bobs to tart up the joint. I purchased 2 floor rugs from Urban Outfitters designed by the fabulous Beci Orpin. I love the gorgeous colours & graphic design, so super groovy.
I'm also enjoying Grace, A Memoir by Grace Coddington which is a fun read & a birthday gift from my Hubby.
Hope you have been having a fun old time. X