Friday, 25 March 2011

100th Post, wild about wildflowers.

Hip Hip Hooray, 100 posts today! Considering I've been blogging since 2007 it's not really that many posts. Should probably be celebrating at least 200..but hey, they say quality not quantity.

I have finished my Australian Wildflower cushion family & I must say I really love them. The prints are on the most delicious natural slubby linen & they are trimmed with a totally gorgeous cream vintage cotton pom pom braid. That braid was given to me by a friend 12 years ago, I have been so good hoarding it away, pulling it out on many occasions, but then waiting for the right moment. Everytime I use it I feel a teensy bit sad that it is getting closer to running out, but it sure is nice to see it take on a life.
Flannel Flowers, Kangaroo Paws, Wattle, Sturt Desert Peas & Grevillias just to name a few. After dropping them all over to Mooch Inside where I retail, my hubby said he was disappointed that I didn't keep one for our house. So now I have to make the big decision of which one I like the best..... easy peasy it'll be the Flannel Flower & Sturt Desert Pea cushion. I'd better hot foot it back to the shop, with a bit of luck some might sell over the week end. If you are interested in purchasing anything that I feature on my blog, just send me a message & I'll pop it in my Etsy shop for you.

I like this combo together, Waratahs, Wattle & Banksias. These two cushions feature many of the flowers that grow native to the area in which I live. I am lucky to be able to go for a walk in the bush at the end of my street & to be surrounded by such beauty.
Do you have a favourite wildflower?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

fairy party time

Last Saturday we hosted a fairy party for our daughter's 4th Birthday. It was such a lovely party, so gorgeous to see the kids all dressed up in their fairy best and we were so lucky with the weather. The sun was out although all week they were forecasting a wet weekend.
Almost all the fairy guests are in this shot, some were a little camera shy. As the girls arrived we helped to top up their fairy accessories with extra wands, wings, tiaras. All guests received a colourful popcorn necklace that my hubby & I had painstakingly threaded a few nights before. I think they make a pretty cute bunch. Aunty Susi painted their little faces so beautifully, with most asking for a butterfly.

While waiting to get their face painted they could practice a little fairy craft, decorating paper cutout fairies with sparkly stars, flowers & glitter textas. I can't believe just how quite they all were colouring & sprinkling. They created masterpieces.
When they were done decorating their fairies, there were a lot of yummy fairy sweet treats to devour. The cup cakes & butterfly shaped fairy bread were definite winners along with fresh watermelon wedges & home made sausage rolls.

My hubby once again out did himself with another cake extravaganza. I think he is feeling the pressure more each year as he tries to better his last effort. He nailed it this time as the Birthday girl couldn't decide between Barbie or a fairy cake, so she got both rolled into one. My favourite part of this cake was the little grassy knoll fairy garden, complete with flowers & butterflies.

This shot gives you a bit of a feel for what was happening around cake time & shows off my paper decorations nicely. Note the tissue paper pompoms & garlands of stitched together paper doilies blowing in the breeze. Talk about looking like a mum with too much time on her hands.
Hard to keep those little picky fingers away from the cake while lightling all the candles. Ooh the temptation.
Got to love a bit of dedicated fairy wand waving...go girls, and Happy Birthday to my baby, you are growing up way to fast.
Although our life goes on & we enjoy our good times & celebrate what is important to us, those who are suffering are not forgotten. There has been an overwhelming run of natural disasters of late...let's do what we can to help those in need.

party prep

My daughter turned four recently and I thought it would be nice to throw her a fairy party since she wanted her cake to be along those lines. I whipped myself into a creative crafty frenzy, with my head starting to explode with ideas. Above is a picture of the no sew tutu that I made from strips of various tulles looped over a ribbon. I later went back & cut petal shaped ends to each strip, which this photo doesn't show. End result was really quite snazzy...fancied it for myself.
A tissue paper pompom making evening was had by my lovely hubby & I. It became quite competitive between the two of us as to who had the best technique & the best looking finished product, spiky petal effect versus the scalloped. A lot of fun, but boy were we glad to finish the last ones. An easy enough exercise but rather labour intensive. It was no trouble to find YouTube tutorials on both of these crafty exercises...hey that's not it?

Monday, 7 March 2011

Helga's Dresden plum cake & stitching

Yesterday, I had quite the baking day...first up was this delicious plum cake & then I went on to making a wholemeal pear cake, along with pear muffins for the kiddies school lunch boxes. Mother of the year?.. I do believe I'm in good running.

The plum cake is a favourite of mine, taught to me by an elderly German lady I once stayed 10 weeks with in Adelaide while working as a costume cutter/ pattern maker for the 1997 Adelaide Arts Festival. This is a recipe of hers that she brought with her from Dresden when she moved to Australia as a young twenty something. Sure is simple to make & super dooper yumsville.

I'm starting to make a series of Australian wildflower cushions. This is my first complete one & I have four more halfway there. They are all featuring different native flowers, some banksias, kangaroo paws, waratahs & I think they look really jazzy with the vintage cotton pompom braid around their edges. So nice to use that pompom braid, I've been hording it for over ten years now.

Pictured above are a couple of skirts that i have been making for the birthdays of two gorgeous girls Petra 7 & Ava 5. I ended up doing a contrast topstitch along the top & lower seams of the border hem panel. I think the result was quite pretty, just hope they like them!! Hard to know sometimes.

I whipped this little skirt up for my daughter the other day when she was at preschool. I've been enjoying making some clothes for her as I often feel guilty when making garments for the shop or as orders for other people. She always gets excited & asks in the sweetest voice is that for me & I have to explain to her that it is Mummy's work ......Well this time it is for her & she will be so happy, & maybe she'll even do a little spin around dance.
I'm still loving playing around with my pictures using the Instagram iphone app. Do you like the result or prefer the untweeked style of photos I used to post?