Wednesday, 27 October 2010

bag lady....bird lady

My first sean-the-prawn handbags looking very Nana...I think that is a good thing ,don't you? Hoops and fabrics are all upcycled...oops except the lining of the pinky one, thats a recently purchased quilters cotton.
Little bit of surface interest, got to love some vintage embroidery.

All fully lined with pretty old worldy micro florals. The pussycat hooks on which the bags are hanging in my hallway were a purchase from Anthropologie in NYC. I bought them during a holiday there year 2000. I fell in love with NY & even more so with Anthropologie, lucky they don't have a store in my neighbourhood, I would be stone broke.

Here is a snapshot of one of my chooks this one is Yoko, she is not the sharpest tack but a good little layer none the less. We often let our chookys out in the afternoon to scratch around the fruit trees. I would love to hear if any of you have chooks & let me know what mischief they get up to at your place.

Friday, 15 October 2010

faeries in my garden

I was a busy little sew & sew leading up to our spring holiday period, snipping & stitching, mixing & matching prints & patterns...sewing machine working flat chat to build up some stock to go into Mooch inside to try to snapple sales from some happy holiday makers..... Success was had, I received a great response to my springy floral themed frocks. Yippee!

Before I rushed the dresses over to Mooch I phoned my lovely friend/photographer extraordinaire Lisa to see if by chance she was nearby with her camera on hand, & blow me down she was & coincidentally that day she was keeping an eye on a posse fashionista faeries with supermodel talents. Lisa loaded the fashion faeries into her shiny silver modern day combi van & arrived at my place in no time at all.
Lisa has just started up her very own blog..Hooray about time I say!! Lisa's blog overflowing with samples of her super photographic talents & even some beautiful photos of sean-the-prawn goodies.
Below are some of Lisa's photos capturing sean-the-prawn springiness, not to mention my visiting frolicking faeries.

Beautiful faery in blue folksy tea dress

pretty fun filled faery in brown, orange folksy tea dress

fashion faeries in petal frenzy mode

dreamiest little faery of them all in Grafton jacaranda souvenir tea dress.