Saturday, 4 October 2008

The young whippersnapper loves mum's little frocks

When delivering my sean-the-prawn frocks to Mooch Inside, Max my 5yr old son just wouldn't part with them until he had his photo taken with them outside the store.


emma said...

hey leah, those dresses are unreal. Now I really need to get over there and see that shop for myself. Oh yeah, you're tagged, check out my blog for details.

Rach said...

Hello there,

I was pointed in your direction by Emma from HazyJane. I am also on the central coast and I guess I am another crafty blogger. Your dresses are lovely!

I sell on etsy and around the traps. Flick me an email if you are interested in joining a crafty blogger catch up that I am planning for later in the year. There are not many crafty types on the Coast so I am always quite excited when I find another one!