Friday, 11 December 2009

Old Hat...New Hat

Back View Sun Hat.
Side Front View showing reverse fabric.

I'm so excited about these little sun hats that I have been making. They are fully reversible and I took the pattern off a little 1960's number which I'm assuming had been designed originally with bit of a 1920's cloche hat as inspiration. Oh how fashion just keeps reworking the old & making it new! This is second hat to come off my home production line and it is made from a piece of fabric that I've been hording for 27 years which originally belonged to my beautiful Grandma Lilly. I was forever dragging bags of her fabric scraps home with me much to my parent's horror throughout my childhood.
Hat Number One which I will upload a photo of soon is a pretty blue floral made from a gorgeous unused teatowel that I Op shopped titled Flowers Of New Zealand...Kitsch yet Klassy(with a K).
Will fit smallish headed adult...biggish headed kiddies. Currently working on alternate sizes.

Both Hats are currently retailing at Mooch Inside at Killcare.

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