Saturday, 20 February 2010

Lemon cake & frilly skirt

lemon cake, hydrangea & skirt back

front of Ava's birthday skirt

Today we are heading off to Sydney to Centennial Park for sweet little Ava's 4th birthday party. She is the daughter of very good friends of ours. They tell me it is a fairy party, but the last fairy party they held we were the only crazy folk who had the courage to dress up.

We were asked to bring along a cake for the adults so I made one of my old faithfuls, a lemon yoghurt cake. A very tasty little number, although this time I'm going to give it a bit of extra zing by pouring lemon syrup over it just before serving.

Every year I like to give Ava one of my sean-the-prawn creations, as she is a gorgeous and willing model for my work..hooray, got to love a future fashion victim in the making. This year I have made her a frilly, floral skirt with a drawstring back. All in vintage fabric. I just love this style of skirt. The waist grows with the wearer by not pulling it in as much, so they get many years of wear from it. Thanks to my lovely friend Leah F for letting me borrow this idea of hers.

In the background of the photo you can see a bunch of stunning greeny blue hydrangeas. They were a gift from another beautiful friend of mine, Jane for my 40th birthday, we had a huge fancy dress party at the local hall last Saturday night as my hubbie and I both turned 40 within ten days of each other. It was such a wonderful night with many great friends and family...think we will be recovering for some time yet.


Karen said...

Lovely retro things you are doing.

Kate said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous skirt!
I learnt to crochet using the tutorials on Lucy's attick24 blog. They are fantastic, easy to follow and learn from tutorials. Looking forward to watching your progress but is highly addictive. X

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

this skirt is gorgeous!!