Tuesday, 22 June 2010

holidays...pumpkins..& pretty pancakes

My Son with his snow buddy.

Hi there, just when you thought I had dropped of the face of the blogging earth....I'm Back!!
We took a weeks holiday & it was such a great thing to do this time of year to break up that mid year bogged down feeling. My husband's youngest brother has become engaged to be married & finally had a party to celebrate..so we drove near 700kms to visit his family in Albury N.S.W. A lovely time was had catching up with family & looking around town. My children had so much fun with their cousins, especially the day we drove another 120kms from Albury to Falls Creek for a day in the snow. It was the first time ever seeing snow for our kids & they loved playing in it for hours. We hired some toboggans which we gave an absolute huge workout going up & down a snow covered gentle slope...I kept stealing them from the kids to do some crazy stunt tobogganing. We even built a snowman & decorated him with pebbles & my beanie...which resulted in me having a bit of a cold damp head for the rest of the afternoon..well worth it though.
Home grown pumpkin

Why am I showing you a photo of a pumpkin? Well because I grew it myself in my own backyard. It was quite an accident to be growing pumpkins as I dug a big hole in the earth to plant a banana tree & threw a heap of vegetable scraps in the ground to give it a kick start, which it did but also a few weeks later started to sprout a vigorous pumpkin vine. Delicious tasting soup & a couple of serves of yummy roast veggies came from this little baby.
The pottery dog looking thingy in the background is named Herbie & was a part of my 1970's childhood. He is from South America & is used to grow alfalfa sprouts. You fill him with water & then place seeds in the groves on his exterior. Within no time the seeds sprout & you can harvest them for salads & sandwiches..Lots of fun!!
Butterfly pancake.
Can you believe your eyes?! My husband is great at making pancakes, & being the creative soul that he is, he loves giving a bit of a twist to the traditional. He often makes spider or jellyfish shapes for the kids but I think this is one of his best... the butterfly. All done by turning the pan to run the mixture in the right directions...love it!!


Michelle said...

Lots of interesting things in this post. The trip to the snow sounds like so much fun. And you're growing a banana tree - how cool! I love the pancake too- very impressive!

Allana said...

Welcome back! Glad you have been having fun! Love the pancake, about to go and make some now (wont look so special though!)
Well done on the accidental pumpkin, yummy!! :)

dorothybills said...

Sounds like a beautiful family hoilday, lucky you!

Heidi said...

Missed you ,I love the butterfly pancake Mimi wants one for breakfast and how did you do that? mine will look like a blob. Thats amazing that the pumpkin grew, love it!

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aahhh I bet they were amazed by the snow! The other year my daughter even put some in the freezer as she didn't want it to melt away. Wow fab pumpkin and pancake :-)

emma said...

hey, looks like you had fun in the snow. We're yet to do that one, although the boys are pestering me more and more every year. I'm loving that little sprout dog, what a neat idea. I just do mine in a jar, which is far more boring but still yummy!

Anonymous said...

love the butterfly pancake :) !!!! foodfun!