Saturday, 18 June 2011

sunny winter days

Front room of our house/my workroom, you can see some of my fabrics, buttons & trims stacked up in the old buffet cabinet that once belonged to my Grandma Lily.

This is one of three birdy cushions that I have been making recently. Sadly the last of my bird fabric so the end of this popular little range of cushions.

Another birdy cushion.

And another, think this one is my favourite with the waterlilies in the background...great vibrant colours.

Wattle tree at my front door, so bright & cheery.

Sunny winter days have been scarce of late, with rain, rain, rain bucketing down. Talk about cabin fever! Washing piling up & everything feeling damp in the house. Great weather for staying indoors & sewing, curling up under blankets & pawing over my new Japanese "Sweet Dress Book".
Yesterday the sun finally broke through all those rain clouds & today has just been so gloriously sunny. To celebrate the sun, I thought I'd take a snap shot for you of the beautiful wattle tree in my garden, so sunshiny yellow. It blazes away near my front door putting a smiling on my face every time I catch a glimpse of it through the window.


deux chiens et un garcon said...

Gorgeous. I remember seeing your tree from down yonder.


Naturally Carol said...

That lovely sunshiney yellow wattle is something I miss here in Queensland. Your birdie cushions are very special!

polkadotpeticoat said...

Oh Momma your home is so beautiful....everything is just lovely! stay warm...

Leni and Rose said...

Your front room is so lovely. And as for the cushions, they are absolutely gorgeous. Love them :)

liset*soil said...

Love your cushions!! And your home is so nice!

Jellywares said...

Your house is just gorgeous!!!

I love all of the fabrics in the beautiful old cupboard in the first pic..

Jodie :)

Bianca said...

beautiful! I'm jealous of your wattle... so nice!