Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hello Possum

I've almost got my sewing mojo back. I had a couple of power sessions at the machine late last week resulting in more Australian themed cushions of varied prints & sizes. I also whipped up another psychedelic terry toweling & Pom Pom beach cover up for a wee little one.
On the home building site front, WE HAVE CONCRETE! After a lot of digging & filling & forming up, the concrete trucks arrived at 7am this morning & the guys have been troweling & helicoptering to get a lovely smooth surface.
Yay progress in the sewing room & the building site.
My son turned 9 last week & we had a ten pin bowling party for him on the following Saturday. 14 kids all sugared up & having fun. Dave (hubby) made the most amazing bowling ball shaped icecream cake. He mixed chocolate & vanilla icecream together along with fresh raspberries & M&Ms & filled a large rubber ball that he had cut in half & lined with cling film. Once pulled out of the mould, it had a few coatings ice magic,the result was magnifique. Yum for everyone.


polkadotpeticoat said...

These totally rock....all of them!!!

Zara said...

Love the addition of embroidery to the tea towels.
And the bowling ball cake sounds amazing.