Friday, 8 November 2013

Loving life

Hi, I have been having loads of fun in my veg patch lately. It has been such a long time since it has looked so good & provided so much. It was neglected for at least 12mths while we renovated our house but is now going great guns.
This was last Sundays harvest. Yum.
I have also started a cottage style garden on the bare patch between the kid's trampoline & the veg patch. Very excited to have grown my first ever Delphinium as they were in my Grandma's wedding bouquet.
This baby King Parrot is very tame & a frequent visitor to our back yard. Do you have any little beasties that call upon you at home? Below is a photo I took today showing our sunroom at the front of the house. On the red chair are 2 cushions that I have just added to my etsy shop.


katiecrackernuts said...

I am so envious. This is looking lush. My garden has been seriously neglected because of the hours I am putting in at work and the time I spend just getting to and from the office in Sydney. I live on the Central Coast so it's a serious daily commute - and it's getting me down. I'd much rather be tending my garden four hours a day than dreaming of it while stuck on a train.

sean the prawn said...

I'm a Coastie too, I know that commute all too well. Now enjoying working from home.
The garden is great for procrastinating when there is sewing to be done.