Friday, 5 March 2010

little red corner of my garden

last of our eucalypt blossoms.
red geraniums, as good as they get.

There is a little spot in my garden that I pass by every day to get downstairs to the laundry, my husband's office or to feed our chooks & tend the vege patch. It has been looking so pretty lately I just have to stop a moment as I pass to admire the visual feast of reds & pinks. It is the first time we have had blossoms on our grafted flowering gum (eucalypt), it is quite an amazing flower that drips with nectar, the bees & native minor birds have been lapping it up..I had a little taste myself & it tastes very sweet. You can see a bee in full flight in my photo as it is zooming in to load up again with sticky nectar.
Right alongside our little flowering gum is a mass of red geraniums that are now pretty much growing wild. They are looking fab at the to love that intense red & old fashioned charm. These geraniums are extra special to me as I grew them from cuttings that my Father saved from the garden of my late Grandfather's house in Broken Hill when they were moving him out of the only house he ever owned and in to a nursing home in Adelaide. He had saved for & bought that place with my Grandmother just after their wedding & that is where my Father & his brother spent their entire childhood. It was a humble little blue house made of pressed/ patterned tin, it was always immaculate & they cherished everything they owned, but it was the garden I remember the most. For those of you who know Broken Hill you will understand that it is pretty much desert country, but his garden was a lush oasis. All types of citrus trees, sweet peas blooming, grape vines, masses of geraniums, celery, onions, hydrangeas, beans & like so many of the homes in outback Australia a talking cockatoo in a large cage making a hell 0f a racket.
Our family really shapes us and gives many layers to our interests. Let's treasure our memories of the old folk.

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