Thursday, 11 March 2010

made with love for little Ivy

A little slapped together appliqued singlet for Baby Ivy & in the background my latest handmade cot quilt in progress.

Hey, I have a brand new niece, named Ivy Piper & she is so adorable!! I went to visit her for the first time last Saturday. Boy am I clucky now!
My youngest turns three this Friday, & I am starting to feel like time is flying by too fast.
I have decided to spoil this new niece of mine. I can't stop lavishing her with gifts & I think I'm doing this to take my mind off my decision not to have any more bambinos. As much as I love 'em I think I know my limits as a two kiddie mama ( I have two beautiful healthy children & just turned forty & can't afford to get any more bitter & twisted) .It is wonderful to have another little muse.


Karen said...

Just beautyful!
Lucky little girl.

sean the prawn said...

& Kate from & Knitter Sue from for your lovely comments about my little singlet for Ivy. Sorry to say I lost them when I edited & reposted that blog entry. Boo Hoo.
Leah B.x

Tania said...

Methinks Ivy will be chuffed as anything to do the muse malarkey with this sort of reward!

Cilipus said...

Lovely singlet you have made for Ivy.
And the cot quilt in the background look so beautiful.

Gina said...

That bird is absolutely delightful.

Good to know your limits, even though they come with bittersweetness. I've been wondering whether to revise our enthusiasm for a brood of four when the current two are driving. me. insane. Then again, maybe we'd get a girl... oh, surely girls are so very different...? Or not.

lillalotta said...

Ivy will be so very happy with so much loveliness!

Isabelle Kessedjian said...

So cute!

kardemomme said...

Hello there :)) Ivy must be very happy to use this lovely little singlet! Have a nice week! Best wishes from Kardemomme :))

M.M.E. said...

That is so sweet! I was so blessed to have an aunt who gave me handmade gifts so I'm sure Ivy will love this. She has a beautiful name.

clare's craftroom said...

Ivy is one lucky little girl !

lili scratchy said...

thank you for your nice visits!!!
see you soon ;)

Knitterella said...

That is precious! So cute. Congratulations to having a new niece. Love her name!

Åpent hus said...

fun to find your blog.
I'm impressed with your creativity. And you actually put your ideas into action. love it.

My youngest is also soon to be 3 (mid May) I cant believe how fast time is going by.

enjoy your little ones and your niece! :)
I'll visit again soon!

Regards, Open House blog, Norway

Jelly Wares said...

This singlet looks great!!! I'm sure Ivy will look super cute in it...

Jodie :)