Friday, 12 April 2013

About thyme.

Gardening isn't an activity that I've been spending much time doing of late, until last weekend that is.
I bought 3 beautiful round glazed terracotta pots from Freedom Furniture last Saturday with the intent to make a little kitchen herb garden out on our new rear deck. It was really enjoyable digging around in the potting mix & planting the herbs with the kids, wow they even put down their "i" devices for a few minutes.
Mint, basil & parsley in one pot, sage, rosemary & oregano in another as well as marjoram & thyme in the third pot.
Tonight my daughter managed to find a few treasures amongst the weeds in our overgrown veggie patch.. a nice surprise.


Zara said...

Those pots have a lovely retro look to them. they sure do make for a pretty herb garden.

polkadotpeticoat said...

I'm doing this this year more buying them I'm going to grow them thanks for the inspiration....I thought of you Mimi wore your dress for Easter ...she looked so cute! Heidi