Thursday, 2 May 2013

Aussie cushions and Autumn cricket.

I have been whipping up a few more cushions in my Aussie Fauna series.. but alas I have only one remaining to be sewn up & that is a beautiful lyrebird.
These latest ones all contain that gorgeous blue sky with my favourite being the now extinct Tassie Tiger (although some people claim to see one now & then but can never prove it).
The Autumn days of late have been unseasonably warm but we aren't complaining. It really has been so lovely to get out in the sunshine, just like the afternoon a couple of weeks ago when we took the kids to a great bike park where we finished the daylight hours playing cricket beneath the towering eucalypts.


Louise (Elsie May and Bertha) said...

The colour palette of the fabric for these cushions is lovely.

polkadotpeticoat said...

These are lovely and just look at your autumn....breathtaking! Heidi

Zara said...

the blue is beautiful. these delightful cushions will sell quickly i'm sure.

sean the prawn said...

Thanks Louise, Heidi & Zara, it really makes my day to read your lovely words.